Travel Information

The site is Scoutcentrum Kruithuis Delft, Schiekade 2, 2627 BL Delft

Travel to site:  By air and public transport

Train timetables can be found at 

From Schiphol (AMS) Airport:  Train from Schiphol to Delft or Den Haag (direction Rotterdam or Den Haag), switch to Delft Campus (direction Dordrecht.)  Avoid the ‘Intercity Direct’ train, this is a train with an extra cost and an extra ticket procedure you need to do and is only 2 minutes shorter, so not worth it.

Follow the ‘train’ signs to the central hall of the airport.  At the yellow ticket machines, you can either buy a paper ticket for a small extra fee, or an OV chipcard for 7.50 and load credit on it (please note you need a minimum 20 EUR credit on the card to travel by train.)  If you don’t think you’ll do any additional travel in NL then the paper ticket is the most straightforward option.

If you do use an ov card, we recommend loading 30-40 EUR onto it- this will allow you to have enough credit for the train trips to and from site.  (We recommend loading more if you are planning on doing more traveling around Amsterdam or NL).  You can get the balance refunded at the ticket counter in Schiphol Airport as long as there’s less than 30 EUR left on the card- details here:

Once you have your ticket or ov chipcard, make sure to check in at the little stands near the platforms by placing your ticket or chipcard against the check in stand where indicated- you’ll hear a beep when it has checked you in.

Take the escalator down to the train platform- check the screens to see which platform your train is on (depending on if you’re taking the Rotterdam or Den Haag train first.)  Please note everyone needs to check in, regardless of whether you bought paper tickets from the machine or bought an ov chipcard.

Here is what the check in stands look like:


No matter which train you catch, the Den Haag or the Rotterdam train, your switch to the Delft Campus train will be on the same platform.  Make sure you check to plan the journey and see when you need to begin preparing to disembark/which stop is before your change.

As the site is within walking distance (550 meters) from Delft Campus station, we will not be offering pickups in general, however please let us know on your reservation if you require any assistance and we’ll be happy to help, whether with a pickup or by sending someone to help with luggage if needed.

By taxi:

We strongly recommend *not* picking up a taxi from the taxi ranks at Schiphol Airport- this will be extremely expensive.  However, if you can get a group of people together (at least 4 recommended), Centrale Schiphol Taxi has reasonable rates.  More details can be found at the below website- please contact them directly for a quote.

By car:

The site is easily navigable by GPS, with adequate parking – please ensure you park close together to maximise space.

By ferry:

There are several ferries to Holland, if you want to drive (from Harwich, Hull or Newcastle), info available here: