Class Descriptions

Please see below the descriptions for each class:

Class Block 1

Countess Anna’s Fencing Workshop-  Countess Anna will teach a hands-on workshop covering fencing techniques

6 and 8 Braid Fingerlooping- Mistress Hannah will teach a class on making 6 and 8 braid interloop patterns with lots of opportunities to experiment with colours combinations.  For people with some experience doing fingerlooping.  Beginner’s braids will be available if attendees prefer to learn those.

Stuffing Holes- Lady Hextilda will teach a class on eyelets and self-stuffed buttons.  Self-stuffed buttons are quick and easy to make; come learn how to use up all those pesky fabric scraps that you can’t bear to toss out! Lacing holes are best done by hand — come learn tips and tricks for making incredibly strong, lovely-looking lacing holes.  Please bring needle, thread, and scraps of linen or thin wool if possible- limited supplies will be available as well.

Class Block 2

Countess Anna’s Fencing Workshop- continues if attendees desire

Basic Rectangular Garb Construction- THL Laura van Schiedam will teach a beginner’s class on making garb out of basic rectangular shapes- come learn how many different styles and garments can be made from simple shapes!

Class Block 3

Early Medieval Accessories: the hat from Aalsum.  Lady Ava will lead a hands on workshop to make an 8th-10th c wool hat found in Aalsum.  Please bring scissors and needles/thread if possible- wool fabric will be provided, but if you have some you specifically wish to use please bring it- about .5m should be enough

Matching Your Shield to Your Persona and Fighting- Lord Jon fitz John will teach a heavy fighting focused class to help match your shield to your fighting kit in a way that is most effective for SCA style combat.  Shield styles, use, and construction techniques will be covered

Introduction to 16th Century Bara Drafting- Maestra Victoria will teach a beginner’s class on using custom bara tapes to draft 16th century patterns, based off the concepts in extant 16th c tailors’ books and Mathew Gnagy’s excellent work in The Modern Maker series.  The proportional drafting concept will be explained, we’ll make a custom bara tape together, and one pattern draft will be demonstrated in class.

Class Block 4

Early Medieval Accessories: the hat from Aalsum- class continues

Countess Anna’s Class on Functional (and Pretty!) Fencing Garb- Countess Anna will teach a class on how to make functional, and very importantly pretty, fencing garb

Introduction to Minoan Fashion- Maestra Ellisif will give an introductory look into the clothing and accessories of the Minoan cultures (approximately 1300 BCE.)  These styles are fun and comfortable to wear, easy to make, and perfect for warm summer eventing.  Time allowing, patterning will be covered as well